Chapis w/ EMAEL & Indigo State
The Wayfarer Presents : October Residency


EMAEL, Indigo State

Ages 21+
Chapis October Residency w/ EMAEL & Indigo State at The Wayfarer

Chapis began as a home recording project of Cuauhtemoc Molina in 2018. Cuauhtemoc was previously in a band called Flying Hand with Emmanuel Pedroza and Christian Orozco. Five years and two albums later, Flying Hand came to an end, but it was a blessing in disguise for Cuauhtemoc because it reawakened his drive for creating music. Considering the close friendship between Cuauhtemoc, Emmanuel, and Christian they naturally began jamming out some of those bedroom recordings. With the addition of Jonathan Rocha on keys and Anthony Beville on guitar the band was fully brought to life. Chapis draws influences from psychedelic rock, pop, R&B, funk and jazz. The sound of their first release, La Boca, is a laid-back, synthy, 3-song EP that moves melodically through a lens of chorus driven guitars and breakbeats.

EMÆL is an eclectic group that has converged many genres of music ranging from their classical roots to indie/alt-pop influences.

Through all the activity and noise in Southern California’s music scene, Indigo State is a well kept secret. Founded in 2015, the group had a slow start, holding off playing shows until January the following year. During this time though, a solid set of songs were composed by all three members; Gabriel Barraza (Guitar/Vocal), Alex Grant (Bass), and Nico Vasquez (Drums). With songs that depict lost love, lust, isolation, and social unrest shrouded in explosive instrumentals, the group caught fire in the Los Angeles underground music scene. Known for their fiery hypnotic live performances, the group is now moving out of the house shows and into the clubs. Catch them while you can because Indigo State is only rising from here on out.

Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W. 19th Street
Costa Mesa , CA, 92627