PPL MVR w/ Desert Of Talking Shadows
The Wayfarer Presents

the one and only PPL MVR

desert of talking shadows

Ages 21+
PPL MVR w Desert Of Talking Shadows at The Wayfarer

The one and only PPL MVR are an ancient, original species who come to worship, and be worshiped, they are People Movers…

A band of unknown origin, the one and only PPL MVR explores myth and mystery through hefty guitar riffs and transmogrified vocals. They venture outside the selfie-obsessed waters we all willingly swim in to find solace in ritual and our pure animalistic nature. There is an ancient power in coming together to stand in a sacred place and chant, sing songs, pump our fists in the air, and venerate. The sun-disciples of olde knew this, but so did Black Sabbath, and Devo. the one and only PPL MVR taps into that simple truth: throw your head back and yelp as loud as you can - it feels good.

Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W. 19th Street
Costa Mesa , CA, 92627