Quasi w/ Slang
The Wayfarer Presents


Ages 21+
Quasi w/ Slang at The Wayfarer

What is a band? What is a band for? What is Rock and Roll? What is pop? How about anti-pop? Is it possible to move forward backwards? At what point are too much and not enough exactly the same? How many (band) years does it take to screw in a lightbulb that isn’t actually a lightbulb? What is a band for? What is a band against? Quasi, at home in the global underground for a hundred years. Resumes? We don’t need no stinking resumes. And fuck Trump.

A new rock group, hailing from Portland, Oregon. Drew Grow, Janet Weiss, Anita Lee Elliot & Kathy Foster

Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W. 19th Street
Costa Mesa , CA, 92627