Sonoda, Very Nice Massage & Cones (Acoustic)
The Wayfarer & Salinbury Presents


very nice massage, Cones

Ages 21+
Sonoda, Very Nice Massage & Cones (Acoustic) at The Wayfarer

Sonoda (so-NO-duh) is a meditative pop ensemble based in Los Angeles, CA. The quartet approaches live music and dream pop with a delicate, spiritual, and therapeutic perspective. A gentle glow of crystals, salt lamps, and flowers adorn the stage as the band creates a welcoming wash of ambience— conducted by warbly guitars and oscillating synths. Each performance opens and closes with a soothing ‘Ohm’ sung by front woman Lisa Sonoda, who resounds deeply on stage with her tingshas, chimes and singing bowl. It is in this dream world where Sonoda’s lullaby-pop sensibility conjures the auras of influences like Broadcast, Beach House, and Angel Olsen. Despite these influences, Sonoda offers a whole new take on music and dream pop, instead bringing us a collective deep breath— a refreshment, a renewal: Meditative pop.

Sonoda started as Lisa’s solo project with Clearing (Never Anything Records, 2017) until she expanded on the songs and live performance with friend and long-time collaborator Adrian Garcia. Soon the duo evolved into a larger group with a busy schedule playing 40 shows a year. During this time they recorded their first full-band album, Karaoke Life (Never Content, 2018) live to 2” tape. Since then the ensemble compacted down to the current lineup with longstanding drummer Eddie Ramos and bass/synth musician Jacob Maag.

Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W. 19th Street
Costa Mesa , CA, 92627