Gethen Jenkins & The Freightshakers, Gospelbeach, Rob Leines, Victoria Bailey

The Wayfarer Presents

Gethen Jenkins & The Freightshakers


Rob Leines

Victoria Bailey

Sat, May 13, 2017

7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Gethen Jenkins & The Freightshakers
Gethen Jenkins & The Freightshakers

Modern day honkytonk heroes, Gethen Jenkins and The Freightshakers, deliver high octane classic country music with an outlaw stance. With David Gilliard on upright bass, Gary Brandin on pedal steel, Dale Daniel on drums and Jeremy Long on everything else, you’re already havin a good night, add the unparalleled baritone of lead singer Gethen Jenkins and they will have to kick you out at closin time! These boys take the myth making and truth telling that is outlaw country music to a higher level in a good ole honkytonk kinda way.


Born on the banks of the Ohio River, in the Tri-state area, where Kentucky, Ohio, and West “By God” Virginia come together, Gethen Jenkins was born and bred surrounded by American music, from the purest of bluegrass to whiskey soaked honkytonk. Music took hold at the age of eight, beating on his dad’s Gibson. His teenage years were spent in Galena, a rural indian village on the Yukon River, deep in the Alaskan tundra. Thankfully for the ladies, Alaska didn’t take away that southern charm, or West Virginia accent. After 8 years in the U.S.Marines, Gethen landed in Southern California. Returning from Iraq, and determined to sing his own song, he found his home in honkytonk. Over the next several years Gethen immersed himself in his music, emerging as the larger than life frontman of The Freightshakers. His first love is music and it shows! Not a person in whatever joint he’s playing doesn’t leave with a little piece of him and visa versa. From the tenderness in a slow painful waltz to the ornery growl in a drivin’ tempo, whether it’s a song sung by one of his heroes or one he wrote yesterday, there is one thing that comes through in all the songs he sings and that’s heart…..


Jeremy Long is the lead guitarist for the The Freightshakers. He also doubles on piano/dobro and has been known to sit in with other local artists on pedal steel guitar and accordion as well. Jeremy had been in the local scene for many years until he met Gethen Jenkins and decided to put the best possible honkytonk band together. The Freightshakers was soon formed with an all star lineup of locals hand picked by Jeremy.


Born in South Georgia….on the back side of Tiger Mountain…in Miller’s Cave!! Big Dave made his way to Southern CA…via Tallahassee, FL and Athens, GA. The Duck has landed with The Freightshakers as their bass player and enjoys throwing down the honkytonk good times with the boys in the band.


Dale provides the backbeat and occasional shuffle for the Freightshakers. He hails from the Midwest. Previous honkytonk experiences includes the Hacienda Brothers, as well as Dallas Wayne and the Roadcases. Dale has been endorsing C and C drums for ten great years. He is partial to Irish whiskey.

You may very well touch down on a Lost Beach, on a mysterious tropical isle, as steel guitarist Gary Brandin rouses phantoms from his instrument with his velvet touch. Brandin’s own musical intuition and raw talent keep him in demand around town, not only with The Freightshakers but also providing Hawaiian-carnival jams for the cartoon Sponge Bob Squarepants and supplying ethereal textures for LA’s own The Blue Hawaiians.
GospelbeacH readies the release of their second album, Another Summer of Love.

There are two kinds of people that become musicians. The first is a determined striving would-be pro whose eyes never leave the prize. That prize being stardom by any means necessary. The second is the besotted, intoxicated music fan and acolyte to whom music is the oxygen they need to breathe. Who live by rhythm and sound and absorb everything and are so deeply immersed in the art that they have devoted themselves to making the world hear what they hear in their heads–commercial success is an afterthought.

Brent Rademaker–he of Further, Beachwood Sparks and the Tyde–is the embodiment of the latter. And as a grown man with something still to say, he’s made his most detailed and mature work yet with his most recent outfit, GospelbeacH. Another Summer of Love–which drops June 15th–is an adult’s version of the dreamy American roots music that we’ve come to expect from the Floridian turned Angeleno.

Like his fellow Sunshine State emigre Gram Parsons, Rademaker has drawn nourishment from the openness of Southern California and the sunny, hopeful feeling that epitomizes his work is in full effect here. From the kick-off “In The Desert”, which slyly references the British mod-punks the Jam to the jaunty swing of “You’re Already Home” which pays a subtle tribute to Rademaker’s hero Chris Hillman’s “Girl With No Name”, this is what Americana is supposed to be and sometimes is not. Smart, informed, soulful, well-executed and avoiding the slick assembly-line of 2017 Nashville, this is the kind of record that true fans of well-crafted tuneful rock live for. Just as Rademaker lived for his rock heroes like Cheap Trick and the Cars, but with that glorious wooziness, the musical marine layer hanging above the desert’s basin floor. Partnered with guitar whiz and albums producer, Jason Soda and keyboardist Johnny Niemanns (who added parts to the disc from the same mellotron America used on its 70’s recordings, this may be Rademaker’s strongest band yet.

GospelbeacH hits the road in support of the disc crossing the sea to play Green Man Festival in Wales August 17-20 as part of a UK tour and starting the summer in the Golden State at festivals in Big Sur May 19-21 (HIPNIC), Sonoma, June 19-20 (HUICHICA) and closer to home in Bakersfield, May 6th (DEMOCRAT HOT SPRINGS FESTIVAL).

“Why make the same record over and over?” Rademaker asked me recently. He’s kept his ideals intact on Another Summer of Love and then some. Expect surprises from the man–and more!
Rob Leines
Rob Leines
Rob Leines' music originated in the Southeast within the Appalachian Mountains. With the influence of Country, Rock and Roll, and Blues, his unique Americana sound was born on the hills of Tennessee. Soon after Rob toured in 2012 throughout the Southeast, he expanded his music to the West. While welding and metal working for the oil and gas industry along the pacific coast, Rob's music took on a more raw and gritty side. The blue collar lifestyle and southern roots make for a genuine representation of the American songwriter through his "Foot Stompin' Music". Rob Leines is currently based in Los Angeles, and just finished tracking his upcoming full album "Drive On".
Victoria Bailey
Victoria Bailey
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