The Brevet, Sleep State

The Wayfarer Presents

The Brevet

Sleep State

The New Schematics, Jessica Lamb

Sat, July 22, 2017

8:00 pm

$5.00 - $7.00

This event is 21 and over

The Brevet
The Brevet
The Brevet, comprised of Aric Chase Damm
(vocals, guitar), Michael Jones (backing vocals,
piano), Ben Ross (bass), John Kingsley (guitar), and David Aguiar (backing vocals, drums),
is a young American band from sunny Southern
California. They have a mutual love for making
powerful music in their mobile home park studio
that hugs the 405 freeway. By combining Americana
rock, sweeping orchestral tracks, gang vocals,
unforgettable choruses and connective emotional
lyrics, The Brevet passionately spills their hearts
through cinematicsounds which has led to fans and
critics labeling them as one of the first in the ‘Epic
Americana’ genre.
Sleep State
Sleep State
Emerging onto the Silver Lake music scene, Los Angeles-based Sleep State is the product of catchy choruses, groovy bass lines and the soulful voice of charismatic frontman, Troy Ritchie.

Their sound features a unique approach to indie-pop, drawing influence anywhere from Motown classics to today's top 40. Sleep State shows an innovative ability to generate a danceable sound that appeals to everyone.

After Ritchie's late 2014 appearance on NBC's The Voice, Sleep State has concentrated their efforts on recording their debut, self-titled EP. On June 1st, 2015, the band released their debut single called "Make A Move". Sleep State is set to release a music video for their second Single, "Tether", this July.
The New Schematics
The New Schematics
Nashville’s The New Schematics spent their first fifteen months as a band proving that the Born Without Borders Tour was indeed the right name for their tour that spanned 97 shows in 42 cities across the US and Canada. As a band that quickly put so many shows under its belt, it is no wonder as to why they’ve gained the reputation as a live act with “the crowd control skills of preachers” (Cougar Microbes) whose “passion for their art is palpable” (Valslist).

The band officially began as a duo, with Cory Bishop (vocals, guitar) and Michael Bare (bass, vocals), who brought a rotating cast of bandmates on the road with them. A few months after they pulled him on stage for a guitar solo in New York City, Shanan Lau left the band that was opening for The New Schematics in order to join Cory and Michael as a full-time third member.

They now usher in 2017 with the title track from their sophomore EP, Your Year. The sprawling rock’n’roll soundscape coupled with the clear-cut lyrical optimism of the lead single falls right in-line with their debut that already carried “the markings of a seasoned classic,” (Will Hodge, Noisetrade).
Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA, 92627