The Higgs, Poor Mans Change

The Wayfarer Presents

The Higgs

Poor Mans Change

Sat, October 7, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

The Higgs
The Higgs
Individually the band draws their influences from many different genres; all musical styles that contribute to their diverse sound. Because of the vast musical influence that each band member brings to their live experience, the audience is often left with a mixed bag of genres to grab onto. This band truly can appeal to anyone; from an improv rock fan to a soul jazz fan even to a wayward bar-hopper who thought they had no interest in any live band at all. The feeling you get when you witness such pure live music that this band produces, it provides an unforgettable energy that will send even the most jaded music fan home with a smile. The beauty of improvisation, as well as having such a wide array of influences allows "The Higgs" to communicate with many different types of people, and allows the freedom to have a great time in a diverse environment. Music is for everyone, and the band intends to keep it that way!

-Keegan Ferraro
Poor Mans Change
Poor Mans Change
Poor Man's Change has answered to the call of Swing Shift Rock known for its highs, lows and in betweens.
The straight from the tap sound brings new life to the conventional music scene. Allowing people to unite under one frequency. Their supporters gather from the street electrifying and powering each venue they perform. All are welcome, the invitation is yours.
Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA, 92627