Travesura, Blind John Pope, Elder Kwon

The Wayfarer Presents


Blind John Pope

Elder Kwon

Fri, January 19, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Based in Long Beach, California, Travesura features Leo Romero on vocals, guitar, and harmonica; he is joined by guitarist/keyboard player Eric Evans and percussionist Mark Morones.
Travesura came together through loose connections and passion for music to form a trio of characters that look and sound like they've been together for years. Forming in 2013, guitarist and vocalist Leo Romero began a new project with keyboardist and guitarist Eric Evans. Seeking a drummer, Evans invited Mark Morones over to practice one night before a show Romero and Evans had booked. By the end of the night, Morones was in the band.
Romero is a self-taught player with an intrinsic motivation to write lyric-based songs. Many drunken nights leading into early dawns have produced songs that will make your heart wrench or make your foot stomp. As a professional skateboarder, he's lived a unique life that inspires his words.
Morones is a firecracker, gregarious before and after a show, and smiling the whole time he's playing. With a background in orchestra, Morones has a deep appreciation for proper percussion and keeps the band on a steady pace all night.
Evans brings a certain calmness to the band's visual presence while making your head turn toward him upon a key or string being played. His talent shines through in his ability to bounce from keyboard to guitar on a given song and play equally well on both.
In less than a year, Travesura has already transversed North America, playing bars in Vancouver, house parties in the Pacific Northwest, venues with dress codes in Los Angeles, and making it back to Leo's motherland of Mexico. No gig is too big or small for Travesura, they just love playing.
Blind John Pope
Blind John Pope
Sorrows from Long Beach California
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The Wayfarer
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