Malia Civetz

The Wayfarer Presents

Malia Civetz

L.A. Edwards, Taylor Crawford

Wed, February 14, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

L.A. Edwards
L.A. Edwards
L.A. EDWARDS is the music of Luke Andrew Edwards. Born into a large family in the mountains of California, Edwards was introduced to pop and folk music by his mother while still brewing in the womb. While still a schoolboy, his mom would make mix cassettes for Luke and his brother Jesse to listen to on the bus ride to school. The mixes usually consisted of the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Abba, Beatles, and Cat Stevens. Although their sack lunches were usually just balogne sanwiches on stale bread, the mix tapes prepared by mom proved to be much more sustaining.

Hitting the road with his brother at the age of 15 after dropping out of high school, Edwards was on his way to creating a legacy of music that would become etched into the walls of time. From Califonia to Maine, Edwards absorbed musical flavors like a dry sponge. While his peers were worrying about who would be prom king and queen, Edwards was playing dive bars and drinking standing soldiers. Like so many great songwriters before him, Edwards flung himself into the whirlwind, hoping he would have something to genuine to write about on the other side.

Luke and Jesse became known as the Smart Brothers, two dark lads who could sing, write, and play. They toured the country and changed lives during their late teens and early 20s.

The 2 brothers have branched off into seperate ventures to foster several of the songs and musical ideas that were never brought to fruition during the Smart Brothers, although they still remain close and play their songs for adoring fans across the world.

L.A. EDWARDS sounds like running through a field in the summer. It sounds like getting warm after you've been cold for a long, long time. L.A. EDWARDS sounds like coming home.
Taylor Crawford
Taylor Crawford
Taylor Crawford is deemed a singing, songwriting, Texas transplant after a soul guided move to pursue music in West coast Long Beach. In 2014 she released her debut EP "California" via a successful Kickstarter campaign and grammy nominated producer, Mack Damon. Taylor's voice stands alone as a signature sound with it's quiet quivers evoked by the intense emotion that is her songwriting. Her distinctive flexibility from highs to lows label her a siren supported by sassy, sarcastic, love promoting lyrics that put you under a spell. She's too sweet not to love, and too real to ignore.
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The Wayfarer
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