The Puscie Jones Revue

The Wayfarer Presents

The Puscie Jones Revue

Salt Petal

Fri, July 13, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

The Puscie Jones Revue
The Puscie Jones Revue
The Puscie Jones Revue is a Power Funk/ Soul collective fronted by the massive ball of funk energy that is Puscie Jones himself:
P.U.S C.I.E. : Pursuit of the Uninhibited and Stimulated Core Inside Everyone...the message of PJR is to be your true self and have the best time in life regardless of what society or anyone thinks. Like a child does....all through the power of music and soul....PJR has quickly become one of the most popular bands in L.A, known for their message, musicianship and SoCals craziest dance parties..regularly selling out Los Angeles venues with their music and movement, bringing that soulful, sexual, hard hitting powerful funk to the people with tons of catchy originals, some pumped up covers and of course plenty of top-notch jamming.

Puscie Jones himself takes full command of any stage for a true entertainment experience complete with costume changes, crowd participation, and with on the fly antics, you never know what's in store! Currently gigging hard, booking tours and spreading the funk!
Salt Petal
Salt Petal
Los Angeles-based collective Salt Petal is invigorating audiences and critics alike with a tropical surf sound in a category all it’s own. With electric guitars, bass, and drums, blending with accordion, synthesizers, and hand percussion topped with multi-lingual lyrics, they hold audiences captive in a new dance state of mind. Soaring melodies and pulsating rhythms create a sound that recalls Blondie, Os Mutantes, Gal Costa, Los Autenticos Decadentes, and 60′s rock and roll.

“‘Sea Monster’ is the rare album that imbues the full range of emotions…it’s deliriously good”

“…pop music, occasionally in another language and injected with a large dose of South American sass. In other words, it’s really good.”
– Drunken Werewolf

“a feast for the eyes and ears” “a display of adept musical arrangements”
– LA Music Blog

“Going down a bold path similar to the sonically eclectic Fool’s Gold, Salt Petal seasons the exuberant indie-rock…with all manner of global influences.” “Their single ‘Songs I Used to Love’ bids for summer pop anthem status…”

“the Bangles gone tropical” “disarmingly creative approach”
– Pasadena Weekly

“Su sonido es uno de los más originales que han surgido en Los Ángeles.”
– La Opinion

“a kind of California rock with South American roots”
– ArtNois

“‘refreshing’ will definitely be the word-of-choice-description for anyone explaining what Salt Petal is.”
– A Proper Opinion

“De tan sugerente mezcla surge un grupo que hace de la fusión de estilos una de sus razones de ser, una condición indispensable para disfrutar de su música, cuyos pilares descansan en el sentido eminentemente artístico que sus protagonistas han sabido encontrar en California.”
– Shookdown
Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA, 92627