Well Hung Heart, Alice Bag, BIG FUN, Bella Novela, New Evil

2nd Annual Feedback Fest

Well Hung Heart, Alice Bag, BIG FUN, Bella Novela, New Evil

Host : Mrs. Smith, DJ Set : Pop Noir

Sat, August 18, 2018

7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

THE ROCKY HORROR ROCK SHOW- A live musical experience of RHPS by Well Hung Heart & Friends
THE ROCKY HORROR ROCK SHOW- A live musical experience of RHPS by Well Hung Heart & Friends
There is no mistaking the bluesy undercurrent that forms the bedrock of Well Hung Heart's raw and uncompromising Rock sound. British born guitarist Robin Davey cut his teeth with the Blues elite, jamming onstage with the likes of Buddy Guy and recording with Mick Jagger. Davey quickly secured a place as the youngest ever inductee into the British Blues Hall Of Fame, and has built a reputation as an eclectic and cutting edge musical mind.

Singer Greta Valenti grew up amongst the deep-rooted musical traditions of New Orleans. Though the two's early years were spent on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they have both found common ground in their passion for the raw honesty of music, delivered in its most unprocessed and unrestricted form.

With a dose of Hendrix, and a nod to PJ Harvey, Well Hung Heart is just as comfortable channeling Nirvana as they are Leadbelly or Led Zeppelin.

Well Hung Heart record just as they play live - stripped down to the core, void of multiple takes and studio trickery. Well Hung Heart finished off their first year in existence with high profile shows both sides of the Atlantic. Appearing at London's prestigious O2 Academy, and the Make Music Festival in Pasadena, opening for Grimes, Grouplove and Cults.

Well Hung Heart acknowledge that though their influences might stem from the roots, their approach to finding an audience is very much in the present. With a series of self-directed Youtube videos establishing the band's presence, Well Hung Heart have managed to build a burgeoning fan base, both with their blistering live performances, and their creativity in the digital age.
Alice Bag
Alice Bag
“Trailblazing” - Los Angeles Times

“She's an icon in the punk world of Los Angeles and beyond.” - LA Weekly

“Alice Bag is a Latina punk rock pioneer and a product of the same scene that gave us Black Flag and the Germs.” - Stereogum

“Bag continues to inspire new generations of musicians and feminists alike." - Le Sigh

"As an author, educator, lifelong badass and the leader of The Bags, among many other bands, she’s been a prolific and guiding light for Chicana punks, and ... she continues that force-of-nature output with fierce songs of protest and massive shredding." - Jezebel

Alice Bag is a singer/songwriter, musician, author, artist, educator and feminist. Alice was the lead singer and co-founder of the Bags, one of the first bands to form during the initial wave of punk rock in Los Angeles. The Alice Bag Band was featured in the seminal documentary on punk rock, The Decline of Western Civilization. Alice went on to perform in other groundbreaking bands, including Castration Squad, Cholita, and Las Tres. She has published two books, including the critically acclaimed memoir Violence Girl in 2011 (Feral House) and the 2015 self-published Pipe Bomb For the Soul, based on her teaching experiences in post-revolutionary Nicaragua. Alice’s work is included in the Smithsonian exhibition, American Sabor. Alice’s self-titled 2016 debut album received critical acclaim and was named one of the best albums of the year by AllMusic. Her second album, Blueprint will be released in March 2018 on Don Giovanni Records.
Bella Novela
Bella Novela
"Bella Novela is an extremely fucking good hard rock band from Long Beach, California. “Hard rock” as a descriptor can maybe come off as a bit namby pamby, but with a healthy mix of Linda Ronstadt and Queens of the Stone Age coursing through their veins, Bella Novela don’t really have to worry too much about what terms might get attached to them."
- Noisey, Vice Magazine

"Long Beach, CA rock trio Bella Novela is one of those bands that is able to pull off the tricky task of sounding like classic rock without merely imitating the genre’s tropes." - Pop Matters

"Long Beach, CA's Bella Novela say they love both Iron Maiden and Abba "with equal levels of intensity," and it sounds like they probably love Heart and maybe Thin Lizzy too. Bella Novela take the sounds of '70s/'80s stadium rock and make them sound modern without really changing them much at all." - Brooklyn Vegan

"The sound is pure classic rock--think if Gwen Stefani fronted Blue Oyster Cult. Stuff that Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar would dig. They toe the line of being too technical to be cool, but who gives a fuck about being cool when you can play like that?" - OC Weekly

"High-drama high-energy rock from a band whose fervent hope is to outnova the Mexican daytime soaps: 'The bigger, the sadder and the more overdramatic the better,' singer Jackie says." - The District Weekly

"LONG BEACH TRIO BELLA NOVELA ARE READY TO BLOW UP: Drawing on such epic performers as Queen and Iron Maiden, this trio are on a mission to make music that’s as big as it is explosive, all done with cinematic flair." - OC Weekly

"For at least the last six years, Bella Novela has been the Long Beach band that should be blowing up. It's bizarre that even sound-saturated Los Angeles hasn't yet fallen for the three-piece's Metallica-meets-Queen aesthetic of indie-pop songs played with ferocious technical urgency" - Long Beach Post

"If you haven't had a chance to check out the power trio with prog-rock leanings, (also known as Bella Novela), it's time to get cracking. Impassioned vocals, uber guitar riffage and some gnarly drumming await." - OC Weekly

“We don't like keeping mum when Long Beach cinema trio Bella Novela play around town. If you haven't seen them, do yourself a favor and open your heart, mind and, above all, ears to these scarily talented rockers and their high-energy live show. They specialize in indie-metal anthems with cinematic flair." - Brandon Ferguson, OC Weekly
New Evil
New Evil
“On any given night in Los Angeles, you can find people losing their minds in pursuit of the dream.” -Brian Vernor, photographer upon seeing NEW EViL for the first time.

” …a formidable poltergeist of sound and fury, exuding the confidence and fervor of a band that worships at the altar of Rock n Roll. The energy of their live shows is enough to rouse the dead scenester within you. Their singer, Sophia Anita Reyes, is a unique and charismatic front woman who evokes a goth hybrid of Ann-Margret and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, striking in both appearance and fists.” – The Rise of NEW EViL, By Tony Lee Jackson, Zillahaus.com

This is the story of NEW EViL, a band of musicians brought together by the graces of Craigslist…

After discovering their mutual longing to create music and an image unlike any other, Ian Bishop and Sophia Anita Reyes formed a guitar-drum-vocal trio who played under the name of “Cleopatra the Alchemist”. Shortly after, they met Joe Mitchell, a bassist who was unaware that his current band broke up. Ian and Sophia broke the news to Joe strategically and adopted him into their band. With the new addition to their lineup, the band changed their name to NEW EViL. Finally, the group was able to secure a reliable drummer, Patrick Nagy, whose current music project was unsatisfying. He was searching for something with a unique rawness to it. Now, with nothing holding them back, NEW EViL began touring local music venues as feverishly as they could, and were soon recognized for their high energy live performance, a skeleton faced lead singer, and genuinely haunting rock songs. Writing over 30 original songs within the span of just a year, the band launched a successful crowdfunding campaign raising thousands of dollars to record their first studio album. After many performances in Los Angeles, the audience’s general reaction was summed up into one statement: “I’ve never seen anything like this before”.

Vocals by Sophia Anita Reyes.
Ian Bishop on the guitar.
Patrick Nagy Drums
Joe Mitchell Bass
Host : Mrs. Smith
Host : Mrs. Smith
Born in Boston, Massachusetts amidst the upper-class brownstones of Beacon Hill, Mrs. Smith's life was supposed to proceed along the typical path for her station: from The Windsor School to Wellesley to a stultifying marriage to death. But fate, tragedy, and triumph would intervene and take her on an unexpected journey and make her a mega-star of stage, screen, and social media.

In the 90s, Mrs. Smith was kidnapped and held for ransom by a Norwegian Death Metal band and suffered the Stockholm syndrome. Her plight, barely covered in the media, led her to spend three months locked in a closet with only an electric guitar as a companion of solace. This traumatic life event would fuse her soul with the instrument and give birth to the world's most unlikely guitar hero.

Mrs. Smith is on an adventure of extreme creative expression that encompasses performance art, music, video, and cats. She invites you to join this journey of grief and rage and if you've seen her missing cat Carlyle please help.
DJ Set : Pop Noir
DJ Set : Pop Noir
Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA, 92627