Wild Rivers

The Wayfarer Presents

Wild Rivers

Iris & The Shade

Thu, September 27, 2018

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Wild Rivers
Wild Rivers
The inviting harmonies of Wild Rivers provide a shimmering texture to the band’s new EP, ​Eighty-Eight​. However, dedicated fans know about the depth of Wild Rivers – from the alluring melodies that take unexpected turns to the undercurrent of emotion in their tightly-crafted lyrics.
Wild Rivers is composed of Khalid Yassein (vocals, guitar), Devan Glover (vocals), Ben Labenski (drums) and Andrew Oliver (guitar, bass). Over three years, the Toronto-based band has accrued more than 25 million streams on Spotify, toured consistently across the U.S. and Canada, and earned a reputation as a band that makes a powerful connection with listeners.
Leading up to the EP, the band members went into a basement studio for a month to flesh out songs and ideas, make demos, and rehearse. With their creativity at its peak, the band then headed to Nashville for a week of collaborations. The teamwork there paid off with two more songs, rounding out the five-song EP.
“A Week Ago,” a glistening pop song about the inevitable entanglement of romance and the road, opens Eighty-Eight​. Propelled by Glover’s vulnerable vocal and the strum of an acoustic guitar, “Howlin’” conveys the challenges of chasing dreams, while “Call It a Night” follows an intimate relationship that’s unraveling. The tasteful musicianship of Oliver and Labenksi underscores the drama of “You Can Side” and the empowering “I Won’t Be Back” practically begs for a singalong.
“All the music that I truly love has really strong, purposeful melodies,” Yassein says. “I think it’s so beautiful and intriguing when everything in a piece of music works to service the singular melody, the sonic choices, arrangement, chords, and vibe come together to set the stage for the tune of the song to shine. To me it’s kind of an old school idea that still rings true. If the melody isn’t great, there’s no amount of dressing that can really take the song to that special place.”
That careful craftsmanship is apparent in the band’s 2016 self-titled debut album, as well as their 2017 single, “Do Right.” By keeping ​Eighty-Eight​ mostly acoustic, the band can bring the intimacy of the studio to listening rooms, theaters and festival stages across North America.
Glover and Yassein first forged a musical relationship while attending college. As their live performances started causing ripples on the local scene, they abandoned their career paths in psychology and biology, respectively, to pursue their creative ambitions. Known early on as Devan & Khalid, the lineup grew to encompass Labenski, who then suggested bringing Oliver into the fold.
The band collectively says, “While we converge on many of our favorite artists and genres, each band member has a slightly different musical taste. We think this benefits us, as it allows us to draw from different inspirations during the creative process, and bring forth ideas that can combine to become a unique sound. Andrew grew up listening to hip-hop, Ben is into indie music, Khalid is inspired by many classic singer-songwriters, and Devan is drawn to lots of pop and R&B.”
However, all four members find inspiration in the iconic pop artists of the 1970s, such as Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, and Neil Young. The band adds, “We have a hard time describing our sound, as it does not fall into a typical categorization of any genre. We recently decided that we needed to come up with a solid elevator pitch, and landed on 'Folk 'n' Roll & Country Soul.' It's kind of a cop-out from choosing one... but we think it fits!”
Iris & The Shade
Iris & The Shade
If Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac and Jack Johnson had a love child, that would be a good way to describe the beginnings of our musical journey as an acoustic duo. Ranging from folk-rock and a little bit of jazz and country. We created our first ever EP called "THE BLUE ROOM" as we were sleeping on a tarp painting the walls of our apartment blue. We were lucky enough to have Matt Costa's drummer (signed to Jack Johnson's label), Corey Gash and Michael Blum, produce our 7 song EP. New music coming soon with a few more up beat rock songs but still keeping to our acoustic roots. We are touring this summer across the northwest trying to share our music and good times with everyone

Short Story:
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I saw a beautiful girl walking my way as I was sitting at a bar and stuck my leg out to trip her and she reacted with trying to hit me back in the balls. I drew a Stussy “S” on her arm, she drew a a mermaid and her phone number and after a few dates and karaoke, we fell in love in The Blue Room and created most of our music in it. I was painting my room Blue in honor of my idol-grandpa whom passed away in 2015 (his walls were baby blue) and we slept on a tarp for the first week while she helped me paint the walls. We wrote our first song as a joke country song. We then would go on to write more from experiences. Moonlight track was drinking wine on our porch randomly playing around with a jazz chord, and the Judene song was made right in front of our best friend Judene who was yelling at us to make a song for her and then it came unbidden right in front of her. The Blue Room is just as real as it was-is abstract and it all feels like a dream and still does . . .
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