Alright Spider, All Souls, Dangerously Sleazy

The Wayfarer Presents : May Residency

Alright Spider

All Souls

Dangerously Sleazy

Mon, May 20, 2019

7:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Alright Spider
Alright Spider
All Souls
All Souls
All Souls formed in Southern California in the winter of 2016. In the short time the band has been active the have already left quite a mark.
Featuring Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson, Josh Homme’s “Desert Sessions” project, Linda Perry’s “Deep Dark Robot”), Erik Trammell (Black Elk, Brothers Collateral, and Wadsworth), Tony Aguilar, and Meg Castellanos (both from Totimoshi), All Souls has created the perfect soundtrack for driving down dirty roads in demented places.
The band has deep roots in the now famous Palm Desert scene that birthed Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Fatso Jetson, and earthlings?. Tornay having been raised in the desert and a part of that scene since the mid-‘80s, and the rest of the band being in the orbit since the early ‘90s. As a band All Souls wanted to take from their shared sense of warped, dusty chaos and add a melody and a harmony to it.
In less than a year All Souls has gone from playing local Los Angeles shows to playing theatres and tours with The Sword, Kvelertak, Torche, and (the) MELVINS. During this time they recorded their debut album with Toshi Kasai (Tool, Foo Fighters, Melvins). While building a solid fanbase from their explosive live show, they have also caught the ear of rock heavyweights Tool and Mastodon.
Dangerously Sleazy
Dangerously Sleazy
Sleazy began way back in 09, as a rock and roll heavy punk band with a bluesy twist and a twisted sense of humor.

In the beginning it was Manny shredding the guitar, Mindee pounding the drums, and Bryan grooving on the bass. The 3 piece recorded a nice little demo, including the hit “Chicks with Dicks,” a master piece about life and love sung by Bryan.

After bassist Bryan left the band in 2010, Desire joined the fun, keeping things sleazy. They triumphed onward, not even taking off Christmas Eve from their touring schedule. Soon they could be heard on the radio, somewhere and somehow.

Summer of 2012 Sleazy hit the studio to record their first release “Bad Things Just Happen.” Recorded at Laundry Room Recording Studios with talented Punk Rock Engineer Extreme Uly Noriega. The self released 3 song EP features “Communist Picnic,” “Aids Tax,” and “Green Powered Energy,” the bands musical expression of their love of marijuana.

In 2014, bassist Altair stepped up to bring extra energy and his suave style to the group. Since then Sleazy has been busy writing new tunes for an upcoming release, and playing shows throughout the Los Angeles area.

Sleazy has an unique sound that combines numerous styles and allows them to sneak onto a variety of musical bills. Punk, thrash, hardcore, rock n roll, blues, alternative, garage, surf. There is a touch of it all in their signature sound.

Sleazy is all about the live show. Drummer Mindee has a magical mesmerizing style and plays with power and passion at every event. Altair is a smooth and skilled bassist who adds a unique suave style with grooving bass lines the keep things driving…and he looks cool too. Manny has been perfecting his lighting fast solos for years and his widespread style combines influences from blues and rock and roll, to punk rock and thrash. He is a wiz at catchy driving chord progressions, and a master of attention getting solos. His deep, powerful and gritty vocals blend perfectly into their thrashy, bass heavy sound, complimented by lyrics and subject matter not often touched upon by mainstream musical groups.

Dangerously Sleazy excite passion, laughter, and embarrassment into the hearts of those who dare listen to their catchy stoner tunes.
Venue Information:
The Wayfarer
843 W 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA, 92627