The Soft White Sixties, Jeramiah Red, King Dream

The Wayfarer Presents

The Soft White Sixties

Jeramiah Red

King Dream

Thu, August 22, 2019

8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

The Soft White Sixties
The Soft White Sixties
Alta California, the new bilingual album by The Soft White Sixties, finds the Los Angeles 5-piece expanding upon their contemporary concoction of rock ‘n’ roll and soul while also exploring some of their most relevant lyrical content to date (in both English and Spanish).

Produced by Elijah Thomson (Father John Misty, Delta Spirit, Richard Swift), Alta California was written and recorded at New Monkey Studio, a room formerly owned by Elliott Smith, over the course of several sessions that began on Election Night 2016. Lead singer Octavio Genera — a first generation Mexican-American who grew up in a bilingual Spanish/English family – always wondered what it would be like to sing in Spanish, it just didn’t occur to him to try it professionally, and he wasn’t sure there was space for it within the band. “Speaking and singing in a language are two different things,” says Genera. “There was a feeling of joy and passion when I sang these songs in Spanish that I wasn’t expecting. And then hearing the songs back — it was right.”

The sweaty, gyrating energy of their live show has garnered praise from Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine, and LA Weekly over the years and landed them on club and festival bills like Outside Lands, BottleRock, and SXSW, sharing the stage with the likes of The Hives, Rival Sons, The Flaming Lips, and Paul McCartney. But this time around, it all glimmers with a subtle lysergic sheen, thanks in part to Thomson’s influence. “Eli was a big proponent of making the studio feel like 2am on a Saturday night at all hours of the day,” multi-instrumentalist Aaron Eisenberg explains. “Certain songs called for certain states of mind and sobriety generally didn’t factor into the equation.”

The band felt it would be irresponsible to develop lyrical content that ignored the inescapable global climate developing literally while the tape was rolling. New territory was explored, as observations on the despair of the American Dream ('Reaganomixxx'), immigration ('Brick by Brick'), gentrification ('I Still Love You, San Francisco'), paradigm shifts ('Teen Wolves'), generational and ideological gaps and what happens when one generation begins to the feel the inevitable changing of the guard crept its way onto the record.

Packed with deep, thunderous grooves from the rhythm section of Joey Bustos and Ryan Noble, squealing fuzz guitars and roaring analog synths courtesy of multi-instrumentalists Aaron Eisenberg and Rob Fidel, and the signature soulful rasp of lead vocalist Octavio Genera, Alta California is an honest snapshot of a modern rock band in their prime.
Jeramiah Red
Jeramiah Red
Amidst a sea of introverted indie sets and beach inspired sing-alongs, Jeramiah Red came barreling through Orange County in 2010 like a tidal wave of sound. Their boot stomping combination of blues guitar, steel-driven harmonica, and raucous vocals, created a perfect storm that continues to destroy everything in its path.

Wes Dickson (vocals, guitar), Ian Cullen (lead guitar, vocals), Travis Ruiz (harmonica, percussion, graphic design), Tim Miller (bass), and Matt Pleskacz (drums), had played together in different incarnations throughout the years, however, after shedding the skins of their previous bands, found what they refer to as a "brotherhood" in Jeramiah Red.

The band came out the gate with their first record in 2011, wearing both their classic and contemporary rock influences proudly on their sleeves. This five song EP, Ghost Tracks from the Getty, kicked up the dust in the local scene, and earned Jeramiah Red awards in the categories of "Best New Artist," and "Best Blues" at the 2012 Orange County Music Awards, and "Best Rock" at the 2013 ceremony. Their debut single, "My Baby," currently plays at the Honda Center every time the Anaheim Ducks win a game, inciting the arena with the driving riffs and infectious melodies that have become the cornerstone of JRED's sound.

This fast acclaim gave weighted meaning to the phrase, "highly anticipated album," however the band consciously allowed themselves time to develop their sophomore effort, which was recorded with producer Jon O'Brien at the Music Box Studios in Irvine, California.
Refusing to rest on old laurels and determined to push new boundaries, Jeramiah Red's forthcoming release, The Winter Tick, unveils a group that, after undergoing a self-imposed hibernation, re-emerges as a band in complete control of both their voice and the music they have created. On tracks like, "Oh Pardon Me," the band's signature tempo changes and foot-stamping breakdowns are hitting harder than ever, meanwhile their confidence has given way to a softer side on lyrically vulnerable songs like, "Tangled Up." There is a sense of presence and charge throughout the entire album that makes a believer out of the first-time listener, and a die-hard out of the casual fan.

Given all of this, it's the merciless attack Jeramiah Red brings to a live performance that truly legitimizes them as one of Southern California's top up and comers. Throughout a set they effortlessly anticipate the listeners experience—forcing you to continuously redefine and reconnect as they switch from gear to gear without warning.

This band of brothers dons their instruments like weaponry, ready to unleash an arsenal of music with the vengeance of soldiers on the front line—and at the end of each show, Jeramiah Red leaves the stage like a battlefield… dripping with sweat, soaked in blood, but with a victory flag waving high.
King Dream
King Dream
King Dream is the new project from Bay Area songwriter and musician Jeremy Lyon. Inspired by Jim James, Blake Mills, and Jonathon Wilson, Lyon spent 5 years touring the country with Tumbleweed Wanderers, a band he co-founded in 2011, releasing a couple albums and a few EPs along the way. Since disbanding in 2016, he's worked as a sideman in a slew of regional indie rock, psych/folk, and alt/pop acts including Whiskerman, M Lockwood Porter, and Lapel, while working on his debut self-titled album, out now.
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